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Julliand, T.[Thibault] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Splicing Detection Based on Noise Density Analysis in Raw Images

Julliard, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Ergonomic Analysis of the Workplace of Physically Disabled Individuals, The
* Handiposte: Ergonomic Evaluation of the Adaptation of Physically Disabled People's Workplaces
* Modeling Joint Synergies to Synthesize Realistic Movements
* Reactiva'Motion Project: Motion Synthesis Based on a Reactive Representation
Includes: Julliard, F.[Frederic] Julliard, F.[Frédéric]

Julliard, R. Co Author Listing * Computer Assisted Knee Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: First Clinical Tests

Jullien, G.[Graham] Co Author Listing * Low-complexity algorithm for fractional-pixel motion estimation
* New Time Distributed DCT Architecture for MPEG-4 Hardware Reference Model, A
* proposed hardware reference model for spatial transformation and quantization in H.264, A
Includes: Jullien, G.[Graham] Jullien, G.

Jullien, G.A.[Graham A.] Co Author Listing * In-Camera Data Stream Processing System for Defect Detection in Web Inspection Tasks, An
* On the Use of Hash Functions as Preprocessing Algorithms to Detect Defects on Repeating Definite Textures

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