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Juha, R.N.[Ro Ning] Co Author Listing * Target Recognition and Tracking in Outdoor Environment
Includes: Juha, R.N.[Ro Ning] Juha, R.N.[Ro-Ning]

Juhar, J. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy clustering in HMM-based triphone classes of 2DLDA in Slovak LVCSR
* Multimodal biometric authentication using speech and hand geometry fusion
* Towards human-machine dialog in Slovak
* Using HMD for Immersive Training of Voice-Based Operation of Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Includes: Juhar, J. Juhár, J. Juhar, J.[Jozef]

Juhasz, A. Co Author Listing * Estimating Low-Rank Region Likelihood Maps
* Object and Event Reconstruction (WW II) with GIS
* Remotely Sensed Data Fusion In Modern Age Archaeology And Military Historical Reconstruction
Includes: Juhasz, A. Juhász, A.

Juhasz, C. Co Author Listing * Deep Relational Reasoning for the Prediction of Language Impairment and Postoperative Seizure Outcome Using Preoperative DWI Connectome Data of Children With Focal Epilepsy

Juhasz, I.[Imre] Co Author Listing * On Interpolation by Spline Curves with Shape Parameters
Includes: Juhasz, I.[Imre] Juhász, I.[Imre]

Juhasz, L.[Levente] Co Author Listing * Bridges and Barriers: An Exploration of Engagements of the Research Community with the OpenStreetMap Community
* Cartographic Vandalism in the Era of Location-Based Games: The Case of OpenStreetMap and Pokémon GO
* Mapping Time-Space Brickfield Development Dynamics in Peri-Urban Area of Dhaka, Bangladesh
* Opportunities and Challenges of Geospatial Analysis for Promoting Urban Livability in the Era of Big Data and Machine Learning
* OSM Data Import as an Outreach Tool to Trigger Community Growth? A Case Study in Miami
* OSM Science: The Academic Study of the OpenStreetMap Project, Data, Contributors, Community, and Applications
Includes: Juhasz, L.[Levente] Juhász, L.[Levente]

Juhasz, Z. Co Author Listing * Analytical Method for Predicting the Performance of Parallel Image-Processing Operations, An

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