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Join, C.[Cedric] Co Author Listing * Robust Curvature Extrema Detection Based on New Numerical Derivation
Includes: Join, C.[Cedric] Join, C.[CÚdric]

Joiner, J.[Joanna] Co Author Listing * Estimates of Hyperspectral Surface and Underwater UV Planar and Scalar Irradiances from OMI Measurements and Radiative Transfer Computations
* Estimation of Terrestrial Global Gross Primary Production (GPP) with Satellite Data-Driven Models and Eddy Covariance Flux Data
* Spaceborne Sun-Induced Vegetation Fluorescence Time Series from 2007 to 2015 Evaluated with Australian Flux Tower Measurements
* Systematic Orbital Geometry-Dependent Variations in Satellite Solar-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) Retrievals

Joines, W.T.[William T.] Co Author Listing * Compact Matrix-Exponential-Based FDTD with Second-Order PML and Direct Z-Transform for Modeling Complex Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Problems

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