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Jepp, P.[Pauline] Co Author Listing * Survey on Implicit Surface Polygonization, A

Jeppesen, K.[Keegan] Co Author Listing * Earth Stewardship Science: Transdisciplinary Contributions to Quantifying Natural and Cultural Heritage of Southernmost Africa

Jeppesen, N. Co Author Listing * Sparse Layered Graphs for Multi-Object Segmentation

Jeppesen, T.S. Co Author Listing * Fungi Recognition: A Practical Use Case

Jepping, C. Co Author Listing * Congruence analysis of point clouds from unstable stereo image sequences
* Influence Of Raw Image Preprocessing And Other Selected Processes On Accuracy Of Close-range Photogrammetric Systems According To Vdi 2634
* Object Deformations From Image Silhouettes Using A Kinematic Finite Element Beam Model

Jeppson, P.[Patrice] Co Author Listing * Classification of archaeological ceramic fragments using texture and color descriptors
* Virtual reconstruction of archaeological vessels using convex hulls of surface markings

Jeppsson, O. Co Author Listing * Representation, Classification and Modelling of Graphs for Efficient Pattern Recognition in Line Images

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