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Jelen, l.[lukasz] Co Author Listing * Oversampling Methods for Classification of Imbalanced Breast Cancer Malignancy Data

Jelenak, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of atmospheric correction algorithms for deriving sea surface temperature from AVHRR

Jelenak, Z. Co Author Listing * Airborne Co-polarization and Cross-Polarization Observations of the Ocean-Surface NRCS at C-Band
* CMOD5.H: A High Wind Geophysical Model Function for C-Band Vertically Polarized Satellite Scatterometer Measurements
* Comparison of the Sentinel-1B Synthetic Aperture Radar With Airborne Microwave Sensors in an Extra-Tropical Cyclone
* Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer Wind-Speed Retrieval Improvements
Includes: Jelenak, Z. Jelenak, Z.[Zorana]

Jelenek, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Canopy Top, Height and Photosynthetic Pigment Estimation Using Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Imagery and the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
* Comparing DInSAR and PSI Techniques Employed to Sentinel-1 Data to Monitor Highway Stability: A Case Study of a Massive Dobkovicky Landslide, Czech Republic
* Testing a Modified PCA-Based Sharpening Approach for Image Fusion
Includes: Jelenek, J.[Jan] JelÚnek, J.[Jan]

Jelev, G.[Georgi] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Global and Continental Land Cover Products for Selected Study Areas in South Central and Eastern European Region
* Phenotypic Traits Estimation and Preliminary Yield Assessment in Different Phenophases of Wheat Breeding Experiment Based on UAV Multispectral Images
* Single- and Multi-Date Crop Identification Using PROBA-V 100 and 300 m S1 Products on Zlatia Test Site, Bulgaria
* Sub-Pixel Crop Type Classification Using PROBA-V 100 m NDVI Time Series and Reference Data from Sentinel-2 Classifications

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