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Jalwana, M.A.A.K.[M. A. A. K.] Co Author Listing * Attack to Explain Deep Representation
* Automatic Identification of CAPTCHA Schemes
* CAMERAS: Enhanced Resolution And Sanity preserving Class Activation Mapping for image saliency
* Improving Image-based Localization with Deep Learning: The Impact of the Loss Function
* Leveraging Linguistically-aware Object Relations and NASNet for Image Captioning
Includes: Jalwana, M.A.A.K.[M. A. A. K.] Jalwana, M.A.A.K.[M.A. Asim K.] Jalwana, M.A.A.K.[Mohammad A. A. K.] Jalwana, M.A.A.K.[M. A. Asim K.] Jalwana, M.A.A.K.[Mohammad A.A.K.]

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