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Honore Livermore, E.[Evelyn] Co Author Listing * HYPSO-1 CubeSat: First Images and In-Orbit Characterization
* Pre-Launch Assembly, Integration, and Testing Strategy of a Hyperspectral Imaging CubeSat, HYPSO-1
* Satellite-USV System for Persistent Observation of Mesoscale Oceanographic Phenomena, A
Includes: Honore Livermore, E.[Evelyn] Honoré-Livermore, E.[Evelyn]

Honorio, J. Co Author Listing * Can a Single Brain Region Predict a Disorder?
* Two-person interaction detection using body-pose features and multiple instance learning
Includes: Honorio, J. Honorio, J.[Jean]

Honorio, L.M.[Leonardo M.] Co Author Listing * Identification of Low Impedance Points Along Railway Tracks From a Railroad Inspection Vehicle
Includes: Honorio, L.M.[Leonardo M.] Honório, L.M.[Leonardo M.]

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