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Holah, H.[Helen] Co Author Listing * Motion stereo at sea: Dense 3D reconstruction from image sequences monitoring conveyor systems on board fishing vessels

Holalad, H. Co Author Listing * classifier framework for the detection of doctored images, A

Holambe, R.S.[Raghunath S.] Co Author Listing * Brain disease diagnosis using local binary pattern and steerable pyramid
* Design of Low-Complexity High-Performance Wavelet Filters for Image Analysis
* Design of new class of regular biorthogonal wavelet filter banks using generalized and hybrid lifting structures
* Efficient Rationalization of Triplet Halfband Filter Banks and its Application to Image Compression
* Fast discrete curvelet transform based anisotropic iris coding and recognition using k-out-of-n: A fused post-classifier
* new approach to the design of biorthogonal triplet half-band filter banks using generalized half-band polynomials, A
* New Approach to the Design of Low Complexity 9/7 Tap Wavelet Filters With Maximum Vanishing Moments
* Orientation feature for fingerprint matching
* Rotation, illumination invariant polynomial kernel Fisher discriminant analysis using Radon and discrete cosine transforms based features for face recognition
* Text-independent speaker identification using Radon and discrete cosine transforms based features from speech spectrogram
Includes: Holambe, R.S.[Raghunath S.] Holambe, R.S.
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Holanda, G.B.[Gabriel B.] Co Author Listing * novel feature extractor for human action recognition in visual question answering, A

Holappa, J.[Jukka] Co Author Listing * Data-driven techniques for smoothing histograms of local binary patterns
* Fast and accurate multi-view reconstruction by multi-stage prioritised matching
* OMEG: Oulu Multi-Pose Eye Gaze Dataset
* Optimized Illumination Normalization Method for Face Recognition, An
* OUHANDS database for hand detection and pose recognition
* Robust and accurate multi-view reconstruction by prioritized matching
Includes: Holappa, J.[Jukka] Holappa, J.

Holata, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Integration of Low-Resolution ALS and Ground-Based SfM Photogrammetry Data. A Cost-Effective Approach Providing an Enhanced 3D Model of the Hound Tor Archaeological Landscapes (Dartmoor, South-West England)
Includes: Holata, L.[Lukas] Holata, L.[Lukáš]

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