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Herpel, C.[Carsten] Co Author Listing * Adaptation and improvement of CCITT reference model 8 video coding for digital storage media applications
* MPEG-4 Systems and Description Languages: A Way Ahead in Audio Visual Information Representation, The
* MPEG-4 Systems: Elementary stream management
* MPEG-4 Systems: Overview
Includes: Herpel, C.[Carsten] Herpel, C.

Herpers, R. Co Author Listing * Active Stereo Vision System for Recognition of Faces and Related Hand Gestures, An
* common framework for preattentive and attentive vision using steerable filters, A
* Context Based Detection of Keypoints and Features in Eye Regions
* Detection and Tracking of Faces in Real Environments
* Discrimination of Facial Regions Based on Dynamic Grids of Point Representations
* Edge and keypoint detection in facial regions
* Robust Head Detection and Tracking in Cluttered Workshop Environments Using GMM
* robust inside-out approach for 3D interaction with large displays, A
* SAVI: an actively controlled teleconferencing system
* Superquadric Indoor Scene Representation for Orientation and Navigation Tasks
* Teleconferencing Using an Attentive Camera System
* Unified Target Detection and Tracking Using Motion Coherence
Includes: Herpers, R. Herpers, R.[Rainer]
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Herperst, R. Co Author Listing * Swim Stroke Analytic: Front Crawl Pulling Pose Classification

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