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Halma, A.[Arvid] Co Author Listing * Single spin image-ICP matching for efficient 3D object recognition

Halma, A.H.R. Co Author Listing * Fast Offline Building Recognition Application on a Mobile Telephone, A

Halmagyi, G.M. Co Author Listing * Augmented Active Surface Model for the Recovery of Small Structures in CT

Halmai, A.[Akos] Co Author Listing * Applicability of a Recreational-Grade Interferometric Sonar for the Bathymetric Survey and Monitoring of the Drava River
Includes: Halmai, A.[Akos] Halmai, ┴.[┴kos]

Halmai, C. Co Author Listing * Spiral-CT-based assessment of tracheal stenoses using 3-D-skeletonization

Halmaoui, H.[Houssam] Co Author Listing * Contrast restoration of road images taken in foggy weather
* Enhanced fog detection and free-space segmentation for car navigation
* Free Space Detection for Autonomous Navigation in Daytime Foggy Weather
* Quantitative model of the driver's reaction time during daytime fog: Application to a head up display-based advanced driver assistance system
Includes: Halmaoui, H.[Houssam] Halmaoui, H.

Halme, A. Co Author Listing * Feature based registration of range images for mapping of natural outdoor environments

Halme, E.[Eelis] Co Author Listing * Deep Neural Networks with Transfer Learning for Forest Variable Estimation Using Sentinel-2 Imagery in Boreal Forest

Halmetschlager Funek, G.[Georg] Co Author Listing * Learning the Floor Type for Automated Detection of Dirt Spots for Robotic Floor Cleaning Using Gaussian Mixture Models
Includes: Halmetschlager Funek, G.[Georg] Halmetschlager-Funek, G.[Georg]

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