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Gurpinar, C.[Cemal] Co Author Listing * New Facial Expression Processing System for an Affectively Aware Robot, A

Gurpinar, E.[Emre] Co Author Listing * Electric Drive Technology Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities for Future Electric Vehicles

Gurpinar, F.[Furkan] Co Author Listing * Combining Deep Facial and Ambient Features for First Impression Estimation
* Kernel ELM and CNN Based Facial Age Estimation
* Multi-modal Score Fusion and Decision Trees for Explainable Automatic Job Candidate Screening from Video CVs
* Multimodal fusion of audio, scene, and face features for first impression estimation
* Video-based emotion recognition in the wild using deep transfer learning and score fusion
Includes: Gurpinar, F.[Furkan] Gürpinar, F.[Furkan] (Maybe also Guerpinar, F.)Gürpinar, F. (Maybe also Guerpinar, F.)

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