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Gumus, E.[Ergun] Co Author Listing * Segmentation and root localization for analysis of dental radiographs

Gumusay, M.U. Co Author Listing * Designing and Modelling Coast Management GIS for Bosphorus
* Mapping Of The Seagrass Cover Along The Mediterranean Coast Of Turkey Using Landsat 8 Oli Images
* Use of Geographical Information Systems in Analyzing Vehicle Emissions: Istanbul as a Case Study
Includes: Gumusay, M.U. Gumusay, M.U.[M. Umit]

Gumustekin, S. Co Author Listing * Image registration and mosaicing using a self-calibrating camera
* Mosaic Image Generation on a Flattened Gaussian Sphere

Gumuzzio, J. Co Author Listing * Multisensor approach to determine changes of wetland characteristics in semiarid environments (central Spain)

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