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Guicard, F. Co Author Listing * Poseidon Technologies: The world's first and only computer-aided drowning detection system

Guicciardi, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Empirical Ocean Colour Algorithm for Estimating the Contribution of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter in North-Central Western Adriatic Sea, An

Guichard, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Centrality bias measure for high density QR code module recognition
* Improving the module recognition rate of high density QR codes (Version 40) by using centrality bias
* Rich QR Code for Multimedia Management Applications

Guichard, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Accurate Estimation of Discontinuous Optical Flow by Minimizing Divergence Related Functionals
* Automatic detection of digital zooms
* Axioms and fundamental equations in image processing
* Axioms and Fundamental Equations of Image Processing: Multiscale Analysis and P.D.E.
* Curve Finder Combining Perceptual Grouping and a Kalman like Fitting
* Edge direction preserving image zooming: A mathematical and numerical analysis
* Fast Computation of a Contrast-Invariant Image Representation
* Image Denoising Based on Adapted Dictionary Computation
* Image Iterative Smoothing and PDE's
* Image Reconstruction Using Particle Filters and Multiple Hypotheses Testing
* Measure of Color Sensitivity for Imaging Devices, A
* Method for detecting new objects in an illuminated scene
* Method, system and device for detecting an object proximate to a water/air type interface
* Morphological, Affine, and Galilean Invariant Scale-Space for Movies, A
* Multi-view reconstruction combining underwater and air sensors
* Noise in Imaging Chains: Correlations and Predictions
* Note on Two Classical Enhancement Filters and Their Associated PDE's, A
* note on two classical shock filters and their asymptotics, A
* partial differential equation approach to image zoom, A
* Random Walks, Constrained Multiple Hypothesis Testing and Image Enhancement
* Scale-Space from a Level Lines Tree
* Time-scale change detection applied to real-time abnormal stationarity monitoring
* Towards a Long-Term Reanalysis of Land Surface Variables over Western Africa: LDAS-Monde Applied over Burkina Faso from 2001 to 2018
* Uniform and Textured Regions Separation in Natural Images Towards MPM Adaptive Denoising
* Uniqueness of blur measure
* Variable Bandwidth Image Denoising Using Image-based Noise Models
* variational method in image segmentation: Existence and approximation results, A
* Velocity estimation from images sequence and application to super-resolution
Includes: Guichard, F.[Frederic] Guichard, F. Guichard, F.[Frédéric] Guichard, F.[Françoise]
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Guichard, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Collection Level for Improving Assisted Handwritten Word Transcription of Historical Documents
* Handwritten Word Verification by SVM-Based Hypotheses Re-scoring and Multiple Thresholds Rejection
* Novel Verification System for Handwritten Words Recognition, A

Guichard, P. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction From Multiple Particles for 3D Isotropic Resolution in Fluorescence Microscopy

Guichard, S. Co Author Listing * Quantitative and kinetic evolution of wound healing through image analysis

Guichard, T.[Tiago] Co Author Listing * Cell Division Detection on the Arabidopsis Thaliana Root

Guicheteau, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * Imager locates toxic liquids at stand-off distances

Guichoux, Y.[Yann] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Reconstruction of Sea Surface Currents from AIS Maritime Traffic Data Using Trainable Variational Models

Guicquero, W.[William] Co Author Listing * 1Mb Mixed-Precision Quantized Encoder for Image Classification and Patch-Based Compression, A
* Hardware-Friendly Compressive Imaging Based on Random Modulations Permutations for Image Acquisition and Classification

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