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Grelard, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * Centerlines of Tubular Volumes Based on Orthogonal Plane Estimation
* Improving curve skeletons of tubular volumes
* Precise Cross-Section Estimation on Tubular Organs
Includes: Grelard, F.[Florent] Grélard, F.[Florent]

Grellert, M.[Mateus] Co Author Listing * email: Grellert, M.[Mateus]: mgsilva AT inf ufrgs br
* adaptive workload management scheme for HEVC encoding, An
* Complexity control of HEVC encoders targeting real-time constraints
* Energy-aware cache hierarchy assessment targeting HEVC encoder execution
* Fast Coding Unit Partition Decision for HEVC Using Support Vector Machines
* Low-Complexity Multi-Type Tree Partitioning for Versatile Video Coding Based on Machine Learning
* Quality and Complexity Assessment of Learning-Based Image Compression Solutions
* Rapid Prototyping in the Context of Cultural Heritage and Museum Displays
* Reconstruction: Argumentation Method, The
Includes: Grellert, M.[Mateus] Grellert, M. Grellert, M.[Marc]
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Grelsson, B.[Bertil] Co Author Listing * Efficient 7D aerial pose estimation
* Improved Learning in Convolutional Neural Networks with Shifted Exponential Linear Units (ShELUs)
* Probabilistic Hough Voting for Attitude Estimation from Aerial Fisheye Images
Includes: Grelsson, B.[Bertil] Grelsson, B.

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