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Givehchi, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Predicting turbulent flow friction coefficient using ANFIS technique

Giveki, D.[Davar] Co Author Listing * Farsi/Arabic handwritten digit recognition based on ensemble of SVD classifiers and reliable multi-phase PSO combination rule

Given, J.A. Co Author Listing * Generalized ISAR-Part I: An Optimal Method for Imaging Large Naval Vessels
* Generalized ISAR-Part II: Interferometric Techniques for Three-Dimensional Location of Scatterers

Given, N.A.[No Author] Co Author Listing * AT-DDPM: Restoring Faces Degraded by Atmospheric Turbulence Using Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models
* Fractual Projection Forest: Fast and Explainable Point Cloud Classifier
* Kernel-Aware Burst Blind Super-Resolution
* LCS: Learning Compressible Subspaces for Efficient, Adaptive, Real-Time Network Compression at Inference Time
* Pattern recognition theory and the identification of Alamogordo Rostrocarinoids
* Petri net based hierarchical and distributed implementation of robotic manufacturing systems
* Towards Semantic Universal Multimedia Access
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Givens, F.L.[Fenton L.] Co Author Listing * Method for autonomous image registration

Givens, G.[Geof] Co Author Listing * Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Face Challenge Problem, The
* How features of the human face affect recognition: a statistical comparison of three face recognition algorithms
* introduction to the good, the bad, and the ugly face recognition challenge problem, An
* meta-analysis of face recognition covariates, A
Includes: Givens, G.[Geof] Givens, G.

Givens, G.H.[Geof H.] Co Author Listing * Factors that influence algorithm performance in the Face Recognition Grand Challenge
* Focus on quality, predicting FRVT 2006 performance
* FRVT 2006: Quo Vadis face quality
* Nonparametric Statistical Comparison of Principal Component and Linear Discriminant Subspaces for Face Recognition, A
* Overview of the Multiple Biometrics Grand Challenge
* Parametric and nonparametric methods for the statistical evaluation of HumanID algorithms
* Predicting Face Recognition Performance in Unconstrained Environments
* Quantifying how lighting and focus affect face recognition performance
* Repeated Measures GLMM Estimation of Subject-Related and False Positive Threshold Effects on Human Face Verification Performance
* Using a Generalized Linear Mixed Model to Study the Configuration Space of a PCA+LDA Human Face Recognition Algorithm
* When high-quality face images match poorly
Includes: Givens, G.H.[Geof H.] Givens, G.H.
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Givens, R.N.[Ryan N.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Lidar/HSI direct method for physics-based scene modeling
* Fusion of LIDAR data with hyperspectral and high-resolution imagery for automation of DIRSIG scene generation
* multimodal approach to high resolution image classification, A

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