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Gini, F. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Radars: On the Road to Reality: Progress Thus Far and Possibilities for the Future
* Constrained Misspecified Cramer-Rao Bound, The
* Cumulant based algorithms for autofocusing in ISAR/SAR systems
* improvement of the state-of-the-art covariance-based methods for statistical anomaly detection algorithms, An
* Knowledge Based Radar Detection, Tracking and Classification
* Model Order Selection in Multi-baseline Interferometric Radar Systems
* Parameter Estimation of Hybrid Sinusoidal FM-Polynomial Phase Signal
* Performance Bounds for Parameter Estimation under Misspecified Models: Fundamental Findings and Applications
* Performance comparison of mean-level CFAR detectors in homogeneous and non-homogeneous Weibull clutter for MIMO radars
* Radar ECCM based on phase-aid distributed compressive sensing
* Radar-on-Chip/in-Package in Autonomous Driving Vehicles and Intelligent Transport Systems: Opportunities and Challenges
* Range-Doppler Fast Block LMS algorithm for a DVB-T-based Passive Bistatic Radar
* Statistical Analysis of High-Resolution SAR Ground Clutter Data
Includes: Gini, F. Gini, F.[Fulvio]
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Gini, G.[Giuseppina] Co Author Listing * Software Laboratory for Visual Inspection and Recognition, A

Gini, M. Co Author Listing * Building Segment-Based Maps Without Pose Information
* Software Laboratory for Visual Inspection and Recognition, A
* Using word embeddings to generate data-driven human agent decision-making from natural language
Includes: Gini, M. Gini, M.[Maria]

Gini, R.[Rossana] Co Author Listing * Aerial Images from an UAV System: 3D Modeling and Tree Species Classification in a Park Area
* Improving Tree Species Classification Using UAS Multispectral Images and Texture Measures
* UAV Photogrammetry: Block Triangulation Comparisons
Includes: Gini, R.[Rossana] Gini, R.

Ginioux, G. Co Author Listing * Efficient architecture for collision detection between heterogeneous data structures application for vision-guided robots

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