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Fry, D.L.[Danny L.] Co Author Listing * Impact of Error in Lidar-Derived Canopy Height and Canopy Base Height on Modeled Wildfire Behavior in the Sierra Nevada, California, USA

Fry, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * comparison of bicubic and biquintic interpolators suitable for real-time hardware implementation, A
* new generation of the United States National Land Cover Database: Requirements, research priorities, design, and implementation strategies, A
* Real-time mapping and navigation by fusion of multiple electro-optic sensors
* system and method for auto-correction of first order lens distortion, A
Includes: Fry, J.[Jonathan] Fry, J.[Joyce] Fry, J.

Fry, K. Co Author Listing * TES Ground Data System Software

Fry, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Combined MR imaging towards subject-specific knee contact analysis
* Indian COSMOS Network (ICON): Validating L-Band Remote Sensing and Modelled Soil Moisture Data Products, The
Includes: Fry, M.[Martin] Fry, M.[Matthew]

Fry, M.E.[Martin E.] Co Author Listing * method for three-dimensional time-resolved optical tomography, A

Fry, P.M.[Patrick M.] Co Author Listing * Giant Planet Atmospheres: Dynamics and Variability from UV to Near-IR Hubble and Adaptive Optics Imaging

Fry, T.W. Co Author Listing * SPIHT Image Compression on FPGAs

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