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Forusho, Y. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of brush-drawn Kanji characters

Forutanpour, B. Co Author Listing * Weakly-Supervised Degree of Eye-Closeness Estimation

Foruzan, A.H.[Amir Hossein] Co Author Listing * Anatomical decomposition of human liver volume to build accurate statistical shape models
* Content-based medical image retrieval of CT images of liver lesions using manifold learning
* Improved PPG-based estimation of the blood pressure using latent space features
* Incorporating a locally estimated appearance model in the graphcuts algorithm to extract small hepatic vessels
* Integration of Dynamic Multi-Atlas and Deep Learning Techniques to Improve Segmentation of the Prostate in MR Images
* Preliminary study on statistical shape model applied to diagnosis of liver cirrhosis
* Segmentation of Liver in Low-Contrast Images Using K-Means Clustering and Geodesic Active Contour Algorithms
Includes: Foruzan, A.H.[Amir Hossein] Foruzan, A.H. Foruzan, A.H.[Amir H.]
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