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Flisberg, P. Co Author Listing * Using Analytics in the Implementation of Vertical and Horizontal Curvature in Route Calculation

Flisek, P.[Pawel] Co Author Listing * Base Point Split Algorithm for Generating Polygon Skeleton Lines on the Example of Lakes
* Method for Generating the Centerline of an Elongated Polygon on the Example of a Watercourse, A
* Methodology for Generating Service Areas That Accounts for Linear Barriers, A
* Modified Methodology for Generating Indoor Navigation Models, A
* Towards Cooperative Global Mapping of the Ionosphere: Fusion Feasibility for IGS and IRI with Global Climate VTEC Maps
* Type III Radio Bursts Observations on 20th August 2017 and 9th September 2017 with LOFAR Baldy Telescope

Flisiuk, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Central threat register- a complex system for risk analysis and decision support in railway transport

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