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Fitranatanegara, N.[Natan] Co Author Listing * Creating a Lowland and Peatland Landscape Digital Terrain Model (DTM) from Interpolated Partial Coverage LiDAR Data for Central Kalimantan and East Sumatra, Indonesia

Fitriani Co Author Listing * Interacting with Projected Media on Deformable Surfaces

Fitriyah, H.[Hurriyatul] Co Author Listing * Thickness Characterization of 3D Skin Surface Images Using Reference Line Construction Approach

Fitrzyk, M.[Magdalena] Co Author Listing * Effects on the Double Bounce Detection in Urban Areas Based on SAR Polarimetric Characteristics
* Monitoring and Detecting Archaeological Features with Multi-Frequency Polarimetric Analysis
* Wetland Mapping with SAR/Quad-Pol Data Acquired During Tandem-x Science Phase
Includes: Fitrzyk, M.[Magdalena] Fitrzyk, M.

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