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Fear, E.C. Co Author Listing * Metrics for Assessing the Similarity of Microwave Breast Imaging Scans of Healthy Volunteers

Fearing, R.S. Co Author Listing * Determining the axis of a surface of revolution using tactile sensing

Fearns, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric correction of geostationary Himawari-8 satellite data for Total Suspended Sediment mapping: A case study in the Coastal Waters of Western Australia
* Operational Observation Of Australian Bioregions With Bands 8-19 Of Modis
* Quantitative Comparison of Total Suspended Sediment Algorithms: A Case Study of the Last Decade for MODIS and Landsat-Based Sensors, A
* Semi-Analytic Model for Estimating Total Suspended Sediment Concentration in Turbid Coastal Waters of Northern Western Australia Using MODIS-Aqua 250 m Data, A
Includes: Fearns, P.[Peter] Fearns, P.

Fearns, P.R.C.S.[Peter R. C. S.] Co Author Listing * Bottom Reflectance in Ocean Color Satellite Remote Sensing for Coral Reef Environments
* Identifying Metocean Drivers of Turbidity Using 18 Years of MODIS Satellite Data: Implications for Marine Ecosystems under Climate Change
* Method to Analyze the Potential of Optical Remote Sensing for Benthic Habitat Mapping, A

Fearon, M. Co Author Listing * NASA's Earth Science Use of Commercially Available Remote Sensing Datasets

Fears, S.[Scott] Co Author Listing * Metric-induced optimal embedding for intrinsic 3D shape analysis

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