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Faul, D. Co Author Listing * Suppression of Metal Artifacts in CT Using a Reconstruction Procedure That Combines MAP and Projection Completion

Faul, F.[Franz] Co Author Listing * Psychophysical model of chromatic perceptual transparency based on substractive color mixture

Faul, N.[Nadege] Co Author Listing * Empty vehicle redistribution and fleet size in autonomous taxi systems

Faula, Y.[Yannick] Co Author Listing * Fast Local Analysis by Thresholding applied to image matching, A

Fauler, A. Co Author Listing * Performance of a Medipix3RX Spectroscopic Pixel Detector With a High Resistivity Gallium Arsenide Sensor

Faulhaber, D. Co Author Listing * Detection of Crowds of People by Use of Wavelet Features and Parameter Free Statistical Models

Faulhammer, T. Co Author Listing * multi-modal RGB-D object recognizer, A
* Multi-view hypotheses transfer for enhanced object recognition in clutter
Includes: Faulhammer, T. Fäulhammer, T. (Maybe also Faeulhammer, T.)Faulhammer, T.[Thomas]

Faulkes, T.[Tyanne] Co Author Listing * Automated Identification of Discrepancies between Nautical Charts and Survey Soundings

Faulkner, A.[Agnieszka] Co Author Listing * Coastal Tidal Effects on Industrial Thermal Plumes in Satellite Imagery

Faulkner, H. Co Author Listing * AFL Player Detection and Tracking
* Study of the Region Covariance Descriptor: Impact of Feature Selection and Image Transformations, A
* TenniSet: A Dataset for Dense Fine-Grained Event Recognition, Localisation and Description

Faulkner, J.[Joey] Co Author Listing * Mapping Crop Types in Southeast India with Smartphone Crowdsourcing and Deep Learning

Faulkner, S.[Shane] Co Author Listing * Rapid Assessment of Hillslope Erosion Risk after the 2019-2020 Wildfires and Storm Events in Sydney Drinking Water Catchment

Faull, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * SatelliteSkill5: An Augmented Reality Educational Experience Teaching Remote Sensing through the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Faulus, D.S. Co Author Listing * Expressive Language and Interface for Image Querying, An

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