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Esme, A.A. Co Author Listing * Towards Understanding Emotional Reactions of Driver-Passenger Dyads in Automated Driving

Esmenio, S.[Sofia] Co Author Listing * E-Cadherin Radial Distribution Characterization for Mutation Detection Purposes
Includes: Esmenio, S.[Sofia] Esménio, S.[Sofia]

Esmer, G.B.[G. Bora] Co Author Listing * Bessel Functions-Based Reconstruction of Non-Uniformly Sampled Diffraction Fields
* Diffraction field computation from arbitrarily distributed data points in space
* Performance Assessment of A Diffraction Field Computation Method Based on Source Model
* Reconstruction of Scalar Diffraction Field from Distributed Data Points Over 3D Space
* Signal Processing Problems and Algorithms in Display Side of 3DTV
Includes: Esmer, G.B.[G. Bora] Esmer, G.B.

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