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Erofeev, M. Co Author Listing * Detection of stuck-to-background objects in converted S3D movies
* Fast Occlusion Filling Method for Multiview Video Generation
* Multilayer semitransparent-edge processing for depth-image-based rendering
* Perceptually Motivated Benchmark for Video Matting
* Semiautomatic visual-attention modeling and its application to video compression
* Toward an objective benchmark for video completion
* Toward an objective stereo-video quality metric: Depth perception of textured areas
* Toward fully automatic channel-mismatch detection and discomfort prediction for S3D video
Includes: Erofeev, M. Erofeev, M.[Mikhail]
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Erofeev, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * GIS-Based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping of the Circum-Baikal Railway in Russia Using UAV Data

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