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Ermacora, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Prediction of the Kiwifruit Decline Syndrome in Diseased Orchards by Remote Sensing

Ermakov, D.[Dmitry] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Vertically Integrated Fluxes of Atmospheric Water Vapor According to Satellite Radiothermovision, Radiosondes, and Reanalysis

Ermakov, D.M. Co Author Listing * Distributed Infrastructure Enabling Effective Integration of Earth Observation Information Resources for Collective Solution of Archiving, Searching, Processing and Eo Data Analyzing Tasks

Ermakov, R.V. Co Author Listing * L and VHF Band Airborne SAR. System Features and Comparative Image Analysis

Ermakov, S.A.[Stanislav A.] Co Author Listing * Modulation of Dual-Polarized X-Band Radar Backscatter Due to Long Wind Waves
* On Capabilities of Tracking Marine Surface Currents Using Artificial Film Slicks
* Remote Sensing of Organic Films on the Water Surface Using Dual Co-Polarized Ship-Based X-/C-/S-Band Radar and TerraSAR-X
* Role of Micro Breaking of Small-Scale Wind Waves in Radar Backscattering from Sea Surface, The
* Strong Modulation of Short Wind Waves and Ka-Band Radar Return Due to Internal Waves in the Presence of Surface Films. Theory and Experiment
* Suppression of Wind Ripples and Microwave Backscattering Due to Turbulence Generated by Breaking Surface Waves

Ermanno, M.[Marino] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Tuff Sea Cliff Stability Integrating Geological Surveys and Remote Sensing. Case History from Ventotene Island (Southern Italy)

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