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Eo, J.S.[Jeong Soo] Co Author Listing * Service-Oriented Real-Time Energy-Optimal Regenerative Braking Strategy for Connected and Autonomous Electrified Vehicles

Eo, M.[Minsung] Co Author Listing * Implementation of MIMO Radar-Based Point Cloud Images for Environmental Recognition of Unmanned Vehicles and Its Application
* Meta-Learning with a Geometry-Adaptive Preconditioner
Includes: Eo, M.[Minsung] Eo, M.[Moonjung]

Eo, T.[Taejoon] Co Author Listing * Joint Deep Model-based MR Image and Coil Sensitivity Reconstruction Network (Joint-ICNet) for Fast MRI
* Relevance-CAM: Your Model Already Knows Where to Look
* SDC-UDA: Volumetric Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Framework for Slice-Direction Continuous Cross-Modality Medical Image Segmentation

Eo, Y.D.[Yang Dam] Co Author Listing * Fusion of SAR and Multispectral Images Using Random Forest Regression for Change Detection
* Generation of Radiometric, Phenological Normalized Image Based on Random Forest Regression for Change Detection

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