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Eker, O. Co Author Listing * Approach for Semi-Automatic Extraction of Features from Aerial Photographs, An
* Investigation of 3D Geopositioning and DEM Accuracy of CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Imagery

Eker, R. Co Author Listing * Assessing Urban Forest Canopy Cover in Great Plain Conservation Area (dÜzce City, Turkey) Between 1984 and 2015
* Monitoring of Snow Cover Ablation Using Very High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Datasets
Includes: Eker, R. Eker, R.[Remzi]

Eker, Y. Co Author Listing * Disaster Resilient Society with Youth Project of the Civil Defence Organization Aiming Disaster Risks Reduction

Ekercin, S. Co Author Listing * Map Mash-up Application: Investigation The Temporal Effects Of Climate Change On Salt Lake Basin, A

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