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Eben, B.[Birgit] Co Author Listing * Assessing Changes in Mountain Treeline Ecotones over 30 Years Using CNNs and Historical Aerial Images

Ebenezer, D. Co Author Listing * New Fast and Efficient Decision-Based Algorithm for Removal of High-Density Impulse Noises, A
* Nonlinear Decision-Based Algorithm for Removal of Strip Lines, Drop Lines, Blotches, Band Missing and Impulses in Images and Videos

Ebenezer, J.P.[Joshua Peter] Co Author Listing * ChipQA: No-Reference Video Quality Prediction via Space-Time Chips
* Making Video Quality Assessment Models Robust to Bit Depth
* Study of the Subjective and Objective Quality of High Motion Live Streaming Videos
* Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of High-Motion Sports Videos at Low-Bitrates
* Subjective Assessment Of High Dynamic Range Videos Under Different Ambient Conditions
Includes: Ebenezer, J.P.[Joshua Peter] Ebenezer, J.P.[Joshua P.]

Ebengo, D.M.[Dav M.] Co Author Listing * Simulating Imaging Spectroscopy in Tropical Forest with 3D Radiative Transfer Modeling

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