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Dulieu Barton, J.[Janice] Co Author Listing * fresh look at assessing structural performance using imaging techniques, A
Includes: Dulieu Barton, J.[Janice] Dulieu-Barton, J.[Janice]

Dulimarta, H.S.[Hansye S.] Co Author Listing * Client/Server Control Architecture for Robot Navigation, A
* Mobile Robot Localization In Indoor Environment

Dulio, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Ambiguity Results in the Characterization of hv-convex Polyominoes from Projections
* Characterization of {-1,0,+1} Valued Functions in Discrete Tomography under Sets of Four Directions
* Geometrical Characterization of the Uniqueness Regions Under Special Sets of Three Directions in Discrete Tomography
* Ghosts in Discrete Tomography
* Non-additive Bounded Sets of Uniqueness in Z_n
* On the Non-additive Sets of Uniqueness in a Finite Grid
* Uniqueness Regions under Sets of Generic Projections in Discrete Tomography
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