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Dom, B. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for automatic disk head/slider inspection
* Detecting parameterized curve segments using MDL and the Hough transform
* Fast Algorithm for MDL-Based Multi-Band Image Segmentation, A
* Feature selection with stochastic complexity
* modeling approach to feature selection, A
* Pattern Classification Algorithms for Real-Time Image Segmentation
* Pattern Recognition Meets the World Wide Web
* Quantitative methods of evaluating image segmentation
* Query by Image and Video Content: The QBIC System
* Scaling-up Support Vector Machines Using Boosting Algorithm
* Segmenting and Representing Background in Color Images
* Streaming-Media Knowledge Discovery
* Unsupervised image segmentation using the minimum description length principle
Includes: Dom, B. Dom, B.[Byron]
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Dom, B.E.[Byron E.] Co Author Listing * email: Dom, B.E.[Byron E.]: dom AT esat kuleuven ac be
* Design and Implementation of a Low-Level Image Segmentation Architecture -- LISA
* Machine Vision Applications in Character Recognition and Industrial Inspection
* MDL Estimation for Small Sample Sizes and Its Application to Segmenting Binary Strings
* P300: A System for Automatic Pattern Wafer Inspection, The
* Recent Advances in the Automatic Inspection of Integrated-Circuits for Pattern Defects
Includes: Dom, B.E.[Byron E.] Dom, B.E.

Dom, F. Co Author Listing * Two-dimensional shape decomposition using fuzzy subset theory applied to automated chromosome analysis

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