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Doh, J.[Jaehyeok] Co Author Listing * Lidar Point Cloud Compression, Processing and Learning for Autonomous Driving

Doh, J.I. Co Author Listing * On-Line Recognition of Cursive Hangul Characters by Modeling Extended Graphemes

Doh, M.[Michihisa] Co Author Listing * Sequential Tracking Extraction of Shape Features and its Constructive Description, A

Doh, N.[Nakju] Co Author Listing * Pose Correction for Highly Accurate Visual Localization in Large-scale Indoor Spaces
* Robust Cuboid Modeling from Noisy and Incomplete 3D Point Clouds Using Gaussian Mixture Model

Doh, W.[Won] Co Author Listing * Image Enhancement Based on Signal Subspace Approach

Doh, Y.Y. Co Author Listing * Computational Modeling of Players: Emotional Response Patterns to the Story Events of Video Games

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