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Dober, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Pharynx Segmentation from MRI Data for Analysis of Sleep Related Disoders

Doberstein, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Total Deep Variation for Noisy Exit Wave Reconstruction in Transmission Electron Microscopy

Dobes, M. Co Author Listing * Human Eye Iris Recognition Using the Mutual Information
* Human eye localization using the modified Hough transform
* Iris Database
Includes: Dobes, M. Dobeš, M. Dobeš, M.[Michal]

Dobes, P.[Petr] Co Author Listing * Density-Based Vehicle Counting with Unsupervised Scale Selection
* Graph@FIT Submission to the NVIDIA AI City Challenge 2018
* Learning feature aggregation in temporal domain for re-identification
Includes: Dobes, P.[Petr] Dobeš, P.[Petr] Dobeš, P.

Dobesova, Z.[Zdena] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Degree of Threat to Railway Infrastructure by Falling Tree Vegetation
* Cognition of Graphical Notation for Processing Data in ERDAS IMAGINE
* Human eye localization using the modified Hough transform
Includes: Dobesova, Z.[Zdena] Dobešová, Z.

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