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Deufemia, V.[Vincenzo] Co Author Listing * Combining Unsupervised Clustering with a Non-linear Deformation Model for Efficient Petroglyph Recognition
* Dynamic Stroke Segmentation Technique for Sketched Symbol Recognition, A
* Multi-Agent System for Hand-drawn Diagram Recognition, A
* Ontology-Driven Processing and Management of Digital Rock Art Objects in IndianaMAS
* Reasoning about Hand-Drawn Sketches: An Approach Based on Intelligent Software Agents
* Segmentation and Recognition of Petroglyphs Using Generic Fourier Descriptors
* Sketch Grammars: a formalism for describing and recognizing diagrammatic sketch languages
* Sketched symbol recognition using Latent-Dynamic Conditional Random Fields and distance-based clustering
* Sketched Symbol Recognition with a Latent-Dynamic Conditional Model
* Using Grammar-Based Recognizers for Symbol Completion in Diagrammatic Sketches
Includes: Deufemia, V.[Vincenzo] Deufemia, V.
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Deuff, D. Co Author Listing * Digital Bleaching and Content Extraction for the Digital Archive of Rare Books

Deuflhard, P. Co Author Listing * Towards a Realistic Simulation of Individual Facial Mimics

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