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Deines, J.M.[Jillian M.] Co Author Listing * Addressing Challenges for Mapping Irrigated Fields in Subhumid Temperate Regions by Integrating Remote Sensing and Hydroclimatic Data
* High-Resolution Soybean Yield Mapping Across the US Midwest Using Subfield Harvester Data

Deininger, M. Co Author Listing * Sweep-plane Algorithm for the Simplification of 3D Building Models In The Application Scenario of Wind Simulations, A

Deininger, M.E.[Martina E.] Co Author Listing * Continuous, Semi-Automated Workflow: From 3D City Models with Geometric Optimization and CFD Simulations to Visualization of Wind in an Urban Environment, A

Deinzer, F. Co Author Listing * 3D interaction design: Increasing the stimulus-response correspondence by using stereoscopic vision
* Aspects of Optimal Viewpoint Selection and Viewpoint Fusion
* Extended Global Optimization Strategy for Rigid 2D/3D Image Registration
* Integrated Viewpoint Fusion and Viewpoint Selection for Optimal Object Recognition
* On Fusion of Multiple Views for Active Object Recognition
* On Wi-Fi Model Optimizations for Smartphone-Based Indoor Localization
* Viewpoint Selection: Planning Optimal Sequences of Views for Object Recognition
Includes: Deinzer, F. Deinzer, F.[Frank]
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