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Dehn, J. Co Author Listing * Data Processing Concepts for the Integration of SAR into Operational Volcano Monitoring Systems
* Integrating SAR and derived products into operational volcano monitoring and decision support systems

Dehnavi, A.M.[Alireza Mehri] Co Author Listing * Analyzing features by SWLDA for the classification of HEp-2 cell images using GMM
* Circlet based framework for optic disk detection
* Detecting different sub-types of acute myelogenous leukemia using dictionary learning and sparse representation
Includes: Dehnavi, A.M.[Alireza Mehri] Dehnavi, A.M.

Dehnavi, H.M.[Hajar Mohammadi] Co Author Listing * Robust Obstacle Detection Method in Highly Textured Environments Using Stereo Vision, A

Dehnavi, M. Co Author Listing * Cost and power efficient FPGA based stereo vision system using directional graph transform

Dehnavi, S.[Sahar] Co Author Listing * Cloud Detection Based on High Resolution Stereo Pairs of the Geostationary Meteosat Images
* New Developed GIHS-BT-SFIM Fusion Method Based On Edge and Class Data, A
Includes: Dehnavi, S.[Sahar] Dehnavi, S.

Dehne, F. Co Author Listing * Clustering Methods for Geometric Objects and Applications to Design Problems
* Hypercube Algorithms for Parallel-Processing of Pointer-Based Quadtrees
* Optical Clustering

Dehne, J. Co Author Listing * Discrimination and Classification of Vehicles in Natural Scenes from Thermal Imagery

Dehner, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Deep-Learning-Based Electrical Noise Removal Enables High Spectral Optoacoustic Contrast in Deep Tissue

Dehnie, S. Co Author Listing * Digital Image Forensics for Identifying Computer Generated and Digital Camera Images

Dehning, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Knowledge acquisition for image analysis using hypermedia interface

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