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Defee, I.[Irek] Co Author Listing * DCT histogram optimization for image database retrieval
* Face Image Retrieval System Using TFV and Combination of Subimages
* Facial Features Detection by Coefficient Distribution Map
* New Types of Edge Detectors Based on Linear and Median Operators
* Performance of similarity measures based on histograms of local image feature vectors
* Review of: Digital color management, encoding solutions
* Visual Retrieval Based on Combination of Histograms of AC Block Patterns and Block Neighborhood
Includes: Defee, I.[Irek] Defée, I.[Irek] Defee, I.
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Defee, l. Co Author Listing * Pattern recognition in compressed dct domain

Defez, E. Co Author Listing * Matrix Cubic Splines for Progressive 3D Imaging

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