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da Vitoria Lobo, N.[Niels] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: da Vitoria Lobo, N.[Niels]: niels AT cs ucf edu
* Age Classification from Facial Images
* Algorithm for monitoring head/eye motion for driver alertness with one camera
* Automatic Detection of Heads in Colored Images
* Automatic feature detection and age classification of human faces in digital images
* Automatic visual recognition of armed robbery
* Camera-Driven Interactive Table, The
* Computer Vision System for Monitoring Medication Intake, A
* Computing Egomotion and Detecting Independent Motion from Image Motion Using Collinear Points
* Computing Egomotion and Shape from Image Motion Using Colinear Points
* Determining driver visual attention with one camera
* Determining Wet Surfaces from Dry
* Face detection using templates
* Features and Classification Methods to Locate Deciduous Trees in Images
* Flame recognition in video
* Framework for Recognizing a Facial Image from a Police Sketch, A
* Holistic object detection and image understanding
* Improved scene identification and object detection on egocentric vision of daily activities
* Indexing Based on Algebraic Functions of Views
* Integrating and employing multiple levels of zoom for activity recognition
* Integrating multiple levels of zoom to enable activity analysis
* Interreflections with Rough Surfaces
* Learning affine transformations
* Learning Affine Transformations of the Plane for Model-Based Object Recognition
* Learning Geometric Hashing Functions for Model Based Object Recognition
* Locating Deciduous Trees
* Markerless tracking and gesture recognition using polar correlation of camera optical flow
* Monitoring Head/eye Motion for Driver Alertness with One Camera
* Open Hand Detection in a Cluttered Single Image using Finger Primitives
* Person-on-person violence detection in video data
* Recognizing a facial image from a police sketch
* Recovering Affine Motion and Defocus Blur Simultaneously
* Resolving hand over face occlusion
* Scale Space Based Grammar for Hand Detection
* Segment-Based Hand Pose Estimation
* Self Correcting Tracking for Articulated Objects
* Target-Tracking in FLIR Imagery Using Mean-Shift and Global Motion Compensation
* TemporalBoost for Event Recognition
* Text Synopsis Generation for Egocentric Videos
* Using Algebraic Functions of Views for Indexing-Based Object Recognition
* Using Collinear Points to Compute Egomotion and Detect Nonrigidity
* Virtual 3D Blackboard: 3D Finger Tracking using a Single Camera, A
* Visual Event Detection
* Weakly Supervised Grounding for VQA in Vision-Language Transformers
Includes: da Vitoria Lobo, N.[Niels] da Vitoria Lobo, N.
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