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Curwen, R.M. Co Author Listing * Affine-Invariant Contour Tracking with Automatic Control of Spatiotemporal Scale
* Framework for Spatiotemporal Control in the Tracking of Visual Contours, A
* Parallel Implementation of Lagrangian Dynamics for Real-time Snakes
* Real-Time Visual Tracking for Surveillance and Path Planning

Curwen, R.W.[Rupert W.] Co Author Listing * email: Curwen, R.W.[Rupert W.]: curwen AT crd ge com
* Constrained Symmetry Exploitation
* Coupled B-Snake Grids and Constrained Thin-Plate Splines for Analysis of 2-D Tissue Deformations from Tagged MRI
* FOCUS: A Shared Vision Project Report on Progress in 1997-1998
* Grouping Planar Projective Symmetries
* Recognition of Plane Projective Symmetry
* Role of IU Technology in RADIUS Phase II, The
* Snakes and Splines for Tracking Non-Rigid Heart Motion
Includes: Curwen, R.W.[Rupert W.] Curwen, R.W.
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