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Culberg, R. Co Author Listing * Firn Clutter Constraints on the Design and Performance of Orbital Radar Ice Sounders

Culbertson, B. Co Author Listing * ConnectBoard: Enabling Genuine Eye Contact and Accurate Gaze in Remote Collaboration
* Fusion of Median and Bilateral Filtering for Range Image Upsampling
* histogram-based color consistency test for voxel coloring, A
* Practical Methods for Geometric and Photometric Correction of Tiled Projector
* Road to Immersive Communication, The
* Stereo Matching and View Interpolation Based on Image Domain Triangulation
* Stereo matching based on image triangulation for view synthesis
Includes: Culbertson, B. Culbertson, B.[Bruce]
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Culbertson, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Large sample group independent component analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging using anatomical atlas-based reduction and bootstrapped clustering

Culbertson, J.[Jared] Co Author Listing * Improving vehicle tracking techniques with a new qualia-based model

Culbertson, W.B.[W. Bruce] Co Author Listing * Methods for Volumetric Reconstruction of Visual Scenes
* Volumetric Warping for Voxel Coloring on an Infinite Domain

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