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Coldefy, F. Co Author Listing * Association of adaptative smoothing and Markovian models for detection of valley bottoms on strongly noisy images
* DigiTable: an interactive multiuser table for collocated and remote collaboration enabling remote gesture visualization
* Distance for Elastic Matching in Object Recognition, A
* Markov Fusion of a Pair of Noisy Images to Detect Intensity Valleys
Includes: Coldefy, F. Coldefy, F.[Francois]

Colder, B. Co Author Listing * Current challenges in automating visual perception
* Overhead image statistics
* Overhead imagery research data set: An annotated data library & tools to aid in the development of computer vision algorithms

Colditz, P. Co Author Listing * Radar Propagation Experiment in the North Sea: The Sylt Campaign

Colditz, R.R.[Rene Roland] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Different Training Sample Allocation Schemes for Discrete and Continuous Land Cover Classification Using Decision Tree-Based Algorithms, An
* Generation of 250m MODIS LAI time series by temporal regression
* Land Cover Mapping of a Tropical Region by Integrating Multi-Year Data into an Annual Time Series
* Mapping of season length anomalies in Mexico
* Temporal relationships between daily precipitation and NDVI time series in Mexico
* Trends in 15-year MODIS NDVI time series for Mexico
Includes: Colditz, R.R.[Rene Roland] Colditz, R.R.[René Roland] Colditz, R.R.[Rene R.] Colditz, R.R.[René R.] Colditz, R.R.

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