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Civanlar, M.R.[M. Reha] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Peer-To-Peer Video Streaming with Optimized Flexible Multiple Description Coding
* Application-Layer QoS Fairness in Wireless Video Scheduling
* Block transform coder for arbitrarily shaped image segments
* block transform coder for arbitrarily shaped image segments, A
* Client-Driven Selective Streaming of Multiview Video for Interactive 3DTV
* Cross-Layer Scheduling with Content and Packet Priorities for Optimal Video Streaming over 1xEV-DO
* Delay-Distortion Optimization for Content-Adaptive Video Streaming
* Dynamic FEC Algorithms for TFRC Flows
* End-to-end stereoscopic video streaming with content-adaptive rate and format control
* Feasible Solution in Signal Restoration, The
* High-Resolution Video Streaming in Mesh-Networked Homes
* Image and Video Coding: Emerging Standards and Beyond
* Image Processing Algorithms and Techniques II
* Introduction to the special issue on streaming video
* Media Streaming With Network Diversity
* Minimum Delay Content Adaptive Video Streaming over Variable Bitrate Channels with a Novel Stream Switching Solution
* Motion-compensated temporal filtering within the H.264/AVC standard
* On optimal royalty costs for video compression
* Optimal rate and input format control for content and context adaptive video streaming
* Packet Loss Resilience of MPEG-2 Scalable Video Coding Algorithms
* Peer-to-Peer Multipoint Video Conferencing using Layered Video
* Peer-to-peer multipoint videoconferencing
* Peer-to-peer multipoint videoconferencing on the Internet
* Per-GOP Bitrate Adaptation for H.264 Compressed Video Sequences
* practical system for MPEG-2-based video-on-demand over ATM packet networks and the WWW, A
* Real-time MPEG-2 delivery based on RTP: implementation issues
* Real-time Video over the Internet
* Royalty Cost Based Optimization for Video Compression
* Scalable Multiple Description Video Coding with Flexible Number of Descriptions
* Selective Streaming of Multi-View Video for Head-Tracking 3D Displays
* Special issue on three-dimensional video and television
* Transport Methods in 3DTV: A Survey
Includes: Civanlar, M.R.[M. Reha] Civanlar, M.R.[Mehmet R.] Civanlar, M.R.
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Civanlar, R.[Reha] Co Author Listing * Fovea Based Coding for Video Streaming

Civanlar, S.[Seyhan] Co Author Listing * distributed QoS routing architecture for scalable video streaming over multi-domain OpenFlow networks, A
* Optimization Framework for QoS-Enabled Adaptive Video Streaming Over OpenFlow Networks, An
* Scalable video streaming over OpenFlow networks: An optimization framework for QoS routing
Includes: Civanlar, S.[Seyhan] Civanlar, S.

Civati, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Neo Euclide: A Low-Cost System for Performance Animation and Puppetry

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