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Ciss, M.[Mamadou] Co Author Listing * Spatial Modeling of Mosquito Vectors for Rift Valley Fever Virus in Northern Senegal: Integrating Satellite-Derived Meteorological Estimates in Population Dynamics Models

Cisse, M.[Moustapha] Co Author Listing * ConvNets and ImageNet Beyond Accuracy: Understanding Mistakes and Uncovering Biases

Cisse, S.[Soukeye] Co Author Listing * Rainfall Intra-Seasonal Variability and Vegetation Growth in the Ferlo Basin (Senegal)
Includes: Cisse, S.[Soukeye] Cissé, S.[Soukčye]

Cissell, J.R.[Jordan R.] Co Author Listing * Adjusting Emergent Herbaceous Wetland Elevation with Object-Based Image Analysis, Random Forest and the 2016 NLCD

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