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Cisneros Araujo, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Role of Remote Sensing Data in Habitat Suitability and Connectivity Modeling: Insights from the Cantabrian Brown Bear, The
Includes: Cisneros Araujo, P.[Pablo] Cisneros-Araujo, P.[Pablo]

Cisneros, G. Co Author Listing * Desensitisation of medical images restoration under crude estimates of mobile radio channels
* Integration of Gabor Functions with Co-occurrence Matrices: Application to Woody Crop Location in Remote Sensing
* methodology for woody crop location and discrimination in remote sensing, A
* Multidimensional comparison of shot detection algorithms
* Real time temporal segmentation of MPEG video
* Truncated edges estimation using MLP neural nets applied to regularized image restoration
* Unified Approach to Gradual Shot Transition Detection, A
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