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Ciou, C.B.[Chuei Bang] Co Author Listing * comment on Sharing secrets in stego images with authentication, A
* Image secret sharing method with two-decoding-options: Lossless recovery and previewing capability
Includes: Ciou, C.B.[Chuei Bang] Ciou, C.B.[Chuei-Bang]

Ciou, J.M. Co Author Listing * Indoor Positioning Using Convolution Neural Network to Regress Camera Pose
* Integration of Convolutional Neural Network and Error Correction for Indoor Positioning
Includes: Ciou, J.M. Ciou, J.M.[Jing-Mei]

Ciou, Y.J.[Yong Jhih] Co Author Listing * Layer-Aligned Multipriority Rateless Codes for Layered Video Streaming
Includes: Ciou, Y.J.[Yong Jhih] Ciou, Y.J.[Yong-Jhih]

Ciou, Y.S.[Yi Sheng] Co Author Listing * Vision-oriented algorithm for fast decision in 3D video coding
Includes: Ciou, Y.S.[Yi Sheng] Ciou, Y.S.[Yi-Sheng]

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