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Ciobanu, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Contour Profiling by Dynamic Ellipse Fitting
* Diatom identification: a double challenge called ADIAC
Includes: Ciobanu, A.[Adrian] Ciobanu, A.

Ciobanu, C.B.[Catalin B.] Co Author Listing * Accelerating a Geometrical Approximated PCA Algorithm Using AVX2 and CUDA

Ciobanu, D. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Validation of Tilted Camera Setups In Open Skies Project And Mapping Applications

Ciobanu, L.[Lucian] Co Author Listing * Analysis of object description methods in a video object tracking environment
* Catalogue-Based Traffic Sign Asset Management: Towards User's Effort Minimisation
* Social Signaling Descriptor for Group Behaviour Analysis

Ciobotaru, N.[Nicu] Co Author Listing * Using GIS, Remote Sensing, and Machine Learning to Highlight the Correlation between the Land-Use/Land-Cover Changes and Flash-Flood Potential

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