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Buys, J.P. Co Author Listing * Skeletons from chain-coded contours

Buys, K.[Koen] Co Author Listing * adaptable system for RGB-D based human body detection and pose estimation, An

Buysschaert, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * JPEG XS: A New Standard for Visually Lossless Low-Latency Lightweight Image Coding

Buysse, P.[Pauline] Co Author Listing * Validation of Space-Based Albedo Products from Upscaled Tower-Based Measurements Over Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Landscapes

Buyssens, P. Co Author Listing * Depth-Guided Disocclusion Inpainting of Synthesized RGB-D Images
* Eikonal-based region growing for efficient clustering
* Eikonal-based vertices growing and iterative seeding for efficient graph-based segmentation
* Exemplar-Based Inpainting: Technical Review and New Heuristics for Better Geometric Reconstructions
* Fusion of IR and visible light modalities for face recognition
* Learning Sparse Face Features: Application to Face Verification
* Multiscale Convolutional Neural Networks for Vision-Based Classification of Cells
* Multivalued label diffusion for semi-supervised segmentation
* smarter exemplar-based inpainting algorithm using local and global heuristics for more geometric coherence, A
* Spatial Patch Blending for Artefact Reduction in Pattern-Based Inpainting Techniques
* Superpixel-based depth map inpainting for RGB-D view synthesis
* Tensor-Directed Spatial Patch Blending for Pattern-Based Inpainting Methods
Includes: Buyssens, P. Buyssens, P.[Pierre]
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Buyssens, R.[Ryan] Co Author Listing * Developing and Training Multi-gestural Prosthetic Arms
* SuperJam: Participatory Design for Accessible Games
* Utilizing Digital Game Environments for Training Prosthetic Use
* Virtual Reality Training to Enhance Motor Skills

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