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Bein, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Genetic B-Spline approximation on combined B-reps

Beinat, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Assessing Repeatability and Reproducibility of Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry for 3D Terrain Mapping of Riverbeds
* Automatic morphological pre-alignment and global hybrid registration of close range images
* Automatic Non Parametric Procedures for Terrestrial Laser Point Clouds Processing
* Generalized Factored Stochastic Model for Optimal Registration of LIDAR Range Images, A
* Global registration of multiple point clouds embedding the Generalized Procrustes Analysis into an ICP framework
* Investigating the Performance of a Handheld Mobile Mapping System In Different Outdoor Scenarios
* Land Use Classification from VHR Aerial Images Using Invariant Colour Components And Texture
* Shadow detection and removal in RGB VHR images for land use unsupervised classification
* Use of generalised Procrustes analysis for the photogrammetric block adjustment by independent models
Includes: Beinat, A.[Alberto] Beinat, A.
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Beinat, E.[Euro] Co Author Listing * From Motion Activity to Geo-Embeddings: Generating and Exploring Vector Representations of Locations, Traces and Visitors through Large-Scale Mobility Data
* Visual Analytics Approach for Extracting Spatio-Temporal Urban Mobility Information from Mobile Network Traffic, A
Includes: Beinat, E.[Euro] Beinat, E.

Beindorff, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Accurate Monte Carlo Modeling of Small-Animal Multi-Pinhole SPECT for Non-Standard Multi-Isotope Applications

Beinemann, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * Graph Cut Segmentation Using a Constrained Statistical Model with Non-linear and Sparse Shape Optimization
* Using a flexibility constrained 3D statistical shape model for robust MRF-based segmentation
Includes: Beinemann, J.[Jorg] Beinemann, J.[Jörg]

Beinert, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * On a Linear Gromov-Wasserstein Distance
* Phase Retrieval via Polarization in Dynamical Sampling
* Total Variation-Based Reconstruction and Phase Retrieval for Diffraction Tomography

Beinglass, A. Co Author Listing * Articulated Object Recognition, or: How to Generalize the Generalized Hough Transform
* On the Recognition of Articulated objects (Generalizing the Generalized Hough Transform)

Beinrucker, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Early stopping for mutual information based feature selection
* Simple Extension of Stability Feature Selection, A
Includes: Beinrucker, A.[Andre] Beinrucker, A.

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