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Beil, C.[Christof] Co Author Listing * Detailed Streetspace Modelling for Multiple Applications: Discussions on the Proposed CityGML 3.0 Transportation Model

Beil, W. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Two Multi-Scale Approaches to Edge Detection in Medical Images
* Histogram-based image registration for digital subtraction angiography
* Line detection discrete scale-space
* Steerable Filters and Invariance Theory
* Surface Reconstruction from Stereoscopy and Shape from Shading in SEM Images
Includes: Beil, W. Beil, W.[Wolfgang]

Beilina, L.[Larisa] Co Author Listing * Imaging of Buried Objects from Experimental Backscattering Time-Dependent Measurements Using a Globally Convergent Inverse Algorithm
* Quantitative Image Recovery From Measured Blind Backscattered Data Using a Globally Convergent Inverse Method
Includes: Beilina, L.[Larisa] Beilina, L.

Beilock, S.L.[Sian L.] Co Author Listing * Individual differences in simultaneous color constancy are related to working memory

Beilschmidt, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * efficient aggregation and overlap removal algorithm for circle maps, An

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