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Bathiche, S.N. Co Author Listing * Wedge Optics in Flat Panel Displays

Bathie, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Contrast Invariant SNR and Isotonic Regressions

Bathke, D.J.[Deborah J.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Climate Impacts on Annual Forage Production across U.S. Semi-Arid Grasslands
* Monitoring Drought Impact on Annual Forage Production in Semi-Arid Grasslands: A Case Study of Nebraska Sandhills

Bathla, G.[Gautam] Co Author Listing * CellDefectNet: A Machine-designed Attention Condenser Network for Electroluminescence-based Photovoltaic Cell Defect Inspection

Bathor, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Complex Object Recognition Using Programmed Illumination
* Knowledge-Based Interactive Robot-Vision System, A

Bathrinarayanan, V.[Vasanth] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of a monitoring system for event recognition of older people

Bathula, D.R.[Deepti R.] Co Author Listing * EEG-ConvTransformer for single-trial EEG-based visual stimulus classification
* Learning A Meta-Ensemble Technique For Skin Lesion Classification And Novel Class Detection
* Multi-level Dense Capsule Networks
Includes: Bathula, D.R.[Deepti R.] Bathula, D.R.

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