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Aveta, A. Co Author Listing * Material/historic Reality: Catching the Transformation. From A Case Of Applied Research to the Trans-disciplinary Approach to Preserve Architecture

Aveta, C. Co Author Listing * Complex Point Cloud for the Knowledge of the Architectural Heritage. Some Experiences, The

Avetisyan, A. Co Author Listing * End-to-End CAD Model Retrieval and 9DoF Alignment in 3D Scans
* RIO: 3D Object Instance Re-Localization in Changing Indoor Environments
* Scan2CAD: Learning CAD Model Alignment in RGB-D Scans
* SceneCAD: Predicting Object Alignments and Layouts in RGB-D Scans
Includes: Avetisyan, A. Avetisyan, A.[Armen]

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